Babies and Weddings // How to combine the two.

Babies and Weddings - Advice from a Baby Photographer

With the wedding season getting into full swing (and a certain Royal wedding just days away!) I thought I would share some tips on surviving a wedding with a baby. Drawing on my experience as a baby and wedding photographer I have put this guide together to help you get through wedding season as a new Mum.

Although lovely, it can be hard work being a wedding guest with a baby. What if they cry throughout the ceremony? What if they want feeding every 5 minutes? Obviously it will vary depending on the age of your baby but the tips given below will be the same, they may just need tweaking to suit you and your baby.

Ideally we want baby to sleep through the ceremony don't we? It would mean less chance of disruption for the Bride & Groom, so what can you do to achieve this? 


Be prepared

Pack a bag the night before. As well as the usual nappies, wipes, milk etc, don't forget to include baby's outfit for the reception (if changing) plus some spare clothes. You might want to take a change of clothes for yourself too in case your little darling decides to share their breakfast with you! If this is done beforehand it means that you can be getting ready before baby wakes up. Hair and make-up can be done at this stage but I would save getting dressed until the last minute to avoid any unsavoury marks or stains!

On the wedding day

Based on a wedding starting at 1pm.

10am - Baby wakes up. Give them a feed as normal, then get involved in some fun playtime! Singing, bubbles, stories - really go for it! The idea is to keep them awake until you leave so dig deep and channel your inner Mr Tumble.

11.15am - Next it's bathtime! Playing in the water will stimulate baby, keeping them awake. A nice little hair wash means that they will be all clean and fluffy for their time in the limelight later on.

11.45am -  Dress baby in something comfortable. They are more likely to sleep if they are comfy, so avoid anything too stiff. Pretty dresses and smart shirts look cute, but save them for the reception when baby will be awake and happy to show them off. For the ceremony stick to a cute romper or cotton two-piece that they will be happy sleeping in.

12 noon - So baby has been awake for a couple of hours and they are dressed comfortably - what next? Now they need feeding! Not a snack, their little tummy needs filling right up. Then, and possibly most importantly, they need winding. I mean every last little bit needs to come up. If baby struggles to bring their wind up Infacol is worth a try, it worked wonders on my eldest who was a pickle to burp.

12.30pm - It's time to rock and roll! Baby should be tired, clean, full and winded - no reason not to sleep! A little car journey will help seal the deal, and get them into a good deep sleep. As long as they aren't moved around too much once you get there they should stay asleep for a good couple of hours, seeing you through until after the ceremony. Result right? If they do wake up when transferring from the car they may want a little top up of milk before settling back off to sleep. Remember to take any comforters with you, whether that is a dummy, special toy or blanket. 

1pm - Here comes the Bride! You can enjoy watching your friends marry safe in the knowledge that little one will be fast asleep until the serious bit is over.

Its as simple as that! Obviously all babies are different and not all babies will respond in the same way to my suggested routine, but it is based on similar guidelines that I provide to all my parents bringing their babies in for a newborn portrait session with me. It works 99% of the time for me, so I hope it works for you too! 

Do you have any tips that other Mums might find useful? Share them in the comments below.