Baby Photography // What Do I Need To Know?

What do I need to know about newborn photoshoots?

There is nothing more exciting than taking your new baby home. Sure, it can also be bloody terrifying, but those nerves and anxieties soon disappear once your back in the comfort of your own home. Surrounded by your favourite people, where you feel safe and comfortable.⁣

This is exactly the reason I come to your house for your Newborn photography session. It's your safe place, your happy place, where you've made your memories over the years.⁣ Here are a few FAQ’s that will hopefully alleviate any worries you might be having…

Booking a baby photographer

“What if my baby arrives early/late?”

I book clients in based on their due date, accepting only one or two per week. This then allows me the flexibility to accommodate early or late babies (not many actually arrive on their due date!)

”I’ve never hired a photographer before, how does the booking process work?” ⁣

If you're booking before baby arrives, I'll ask for your due date. I only book in a limited number per week to allow for early/late babies. £99 is payable upon booking, with the remaining balance due once you’ve had your session (Full pricing info can be found here). I will also send you an online booking form to complete. Once little one has arrived let me know asap and we'll get a date and time booked in for your session, usually within the first 2-3 weeks of baby being born.

”We don’t have enough space at home”

You might be worried about having enough space, but we honestly don't need much! A sofa or bed is the perfect spot for some cuddly family photos. As for pics of baby on their own I just need a small space, ideally next to a window, to lay out my white duvet. It's a single duvet that I fold up, not taking up much more space than a door mat, so easily sorted. I've never been to a home that didn't have enough room! We'll get creative if we need to, there is always a way 😊

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”My house isn’t tidy enough for a photoshoot at home!”

I'm a Mum of three, there is absolutely no judgement here! I get it, you've just got home with your new baby - I don't expect your house to be in show home condition or for you to be on top of the ironing pile. You can relax in the knowledge that my house is probably in a worst state than yours (with three kids aged seven and under, think war zone in a toy shop) 🙈⁣

“What happens when you arrive?”

What you can expect is for me to rock up with my camera and little mini studio set up (i.e. a white duvet!). We'll have a quick look around the house for the best spot while the kettle boils, I'll help you move any toys/clothes out of the way and we'll get cracking!⁣

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”What if my baby won’t settle?” ⁣

I've photographed so many babies and have only ever had to rearrange a session once due to baby being unsettled (which was down to trapped wind, a bit of infacol did the trick.) I've been called the baby whisperer numerous times before, getting babies to sleep is my superpower!! They don't need to be asleep, I will usually try to get some awake shots too as they look so different with their eyes open! ⁣
When I'm with you there is no rush, I go at baby's pace. The beauty of my relaxed style of working is that we can just go with the flow.⁣

”What if my other children won’t play ball?”

If you've got an older child I'll usually start with some family/sibling shots first as I totally get how quickly they can lose interest (I've got a 2 year old at home, oh the joys! 🤣) This photo was taken just after I arrived at their home, with all of the family/sibling shots done in around 5 minutes. Quick, painless and done before anyone really noticed that we had started! Sure, it can sometimes be a tricky age but I've got lots of tricks up my sleeve to make sure we get the shots. ⁣

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I know I’ve covered a lot here, but I guess what I'm trying to say is relax. I've got this 👊
If you want photos of your new arrival, I'll capture some gorgeous ones for you.
If you want photos of your family relaxing at home, I've got your back.
If you'd like some pics of your children together I'll get the shots.⁣

No drama, no fuss, just an enjoyable experience for the whole family with some bloody gorgeous photos to look back on forever.

Ready to book? Awesome! Get in touch to book your newborn photography session in.

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