Get Organised! // Tips For New Parents

As a Mum of three I totally get how chaotic it can be during those first few weeks and months of bringing your new baby home with you. I asked professional declutterer Abby Lacey from Organise My Home to share her top tips for new parents…you’re welcome!

Decluttering advice for new parents

On the go

Keep your nappy bag replenished whenever you can - if you use nappies, or clothes, to replace them as soon as you get home so it's ready for when you next leave the house

Keep a small bin or bag in the car so after each journey, a quick sweep will be all that's needed



If your highchair has a basket underneath, keep bibs, flannels or wipes in it to save having to look for them mid tea



Plan your weekly shop & menu on a Sunday evening to save having to think on your feet during the week

Batch cook where you can - you can safely freeze loads of foods, including portioned rice and pasta


Stock up 

Keep duplicates of nappies, muslins, wipes & clothes both upstairs in the nursery & downstairs in the kitchen or lounge



Store bath toys in a basket or scoop

Don't forget to wash them regularly as soap, scum and even water can be a great place for germs to breed



Keep toys in different labelled baskets or boxes to make it easy for you to chuck in and then find later


Clothes & Laundry

Newborns grow really quickly so once they've grown out of something, either pass it on, or if you're saving for your next one, put it away in cleaning storage container

Try to do one load of washing day



Cleaning the whole house in one go simply isn't practical so try and clean a room a day - just 20-30 mins is all that's needed to stay on top of it


Give yourself a break!

There's no point running yourself ragged! You're no use to anyone if you're so exhausted you can't function. Remember, things can want so when you can, grab a cuppa and a trashy mag and put your feet up!

advice for new parents

So there we have it; some super useful tips to help you stay organised at home. You can find out more about Abby’s professional decluttering services here. You can also follow her on Facebook and Instagram

Feel free to add any of your own tips in the comments below, it’s always to good to hear how other parents manage the juggle of running a home around a new baby.

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