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What should I pack in my hospital bag?

You’ll soon be welcoming your new baby into the world, but still have one last job to do….pack your hospital bag! But what to pack? I asked a group of fellow Business Mums their advice on what to include (or not!)
You’ll obviously need the essentials such as nappies, baby grows, hospital notes etc but what other items did these Mums really value having in their hospital bags?

What to pack in my hospital bag?

Jelly Babies

These bad boys will keep you going when you’re energy levels are low by giving you a quick burst of sugary goodness.

“I was advised to take the bare minimum, but to make sure I had some sugary snacks with me....At first I was like....what on earth are they talking about,BUT once I got there and it all started I realised that the sugary snacks were actually the best piece of advice I'd been given during my whole pregnancy. When I had my second child, those snacks were the first thing in the bag! I now advice friends to take clothes and nappies etc for baby and vaseline, the massive sanity towels, face wipes and sugary snacks 😀” - Faye Cox 

Loose Nightwear

A night shirt that buttons up, saving you having to lift your arms up, and protects your modesty when getting to grips with breastfeeding (which is actually pretty bloody difficult!)

“Comfy loose button down / wide neck tops for non-completely-topless skin to skin post birth” - Jen Feroze

Entertain Yourself

Having a baby can sometimes take a long time (and actually be quite boring at times!) so make sure you’ve got things to keep you occupied. Don’t forget your playlist, phone charger and headphones!

“A pack of playing cards. Sometimes you have a long wait with nothing really happening. It’s a good distraction because you are thinking about something else.” - Claire Louisa

“I went here in for an induction and was so board after two days and no contractions I wish I had taken in some entertainment 😊” - Hollie Freeland

Big pants!

The bigger, in this case, really is better. Your tummy will take a few days to go down after giving birth, so maternity pants will still be needed. There is usually quite a bit of bleeding afterwards too, so multipacks of big black pants are a must. In case of a caesarean, get high-waisted ones that will pull up over the scar.

“Big pants and sanitary towels, I've just started using Thinx (period pants) and they are amazing. Wish I had them when I was coming out of the hospital.” - Helen Hopkins 

“GIANT PANTS (proper ones, don't buy the scary itchy paper ones...)” - Jen Feroze


You’ll end up in all sorts of interesting positions during labour, so having a straw makes drinking easier. It also comes in useful after birth if you have a caesarean and can’t sit up straight away.

“Bendy straws for your drinks bottle (I couldn’t hold a drinks bottle in labour as I had the shakes)” - Sarah Gilchrist 

Hospital bag checklist

Cool Down

Face wipes, water spray, light cotton clothes - it’s bloody hot in there! Perhaps a travel fan in the car that can be clipped on to your bed in case they don’t have one.

“A fan! Hospital wards are so hot 😥” - Kirsty

Don’t overpack!

Don’t think that you have to take everything that you could possibly need, space is tight in hospital so take the minimum and anything else can be brought in by your partner/Mum/visitors.

‘The thing about hospital bags are that you just need enough stuff for the first 24 hours because you will get top ups from people visiting you and also your partner. I don’t know why I packed about 3 days worth of things in the bag!” - Andisheh Thomson 

Get comfortable.

A lot of Mums said that they had taken their own pillow with them. It might also be worth suggesting to your partner that they do the same.

“I was told to buy a cheap pillow and bring my own to the hospital...but nothing expensive because people have a habit of “borrowing” pillows in hospitals and they can wander off when you’re not looking.” - Anna Iveson

“My husband wishes he took a travel/aeroplane pillow as we were there several nights and he was pretty uncomfortable!” - Hollie Freeland 

Getting Home

Think about what you’ll wear home, but please don’t think that you’ll care what you look like - go for comfort!

“Don’t bother packing your pre-pregnancy clothes - that only works with stupidly rich people / celebrities. They somehow magically appear skinny the next day!  😂” - Aurelija Meakin

“Drawstring pjs. First time Mums especially have no idea how big your belly still is after having a baby. I know I was surprised 🤔😆” - Gaynor Lawson 

That’s it! Your bag is packed and you’re ready to go and have your baby - how bloody exciting?! Good luck, wishing you all the very best of luck for a happy and healthy labour.

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