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Mums need to be in photos too!

Mums are amazing - FACT! We carry, deliver, feed, change, wash, cook, pick up, drop off, work, play, clean, teach, comfort, entertain, referee, encourage… we really are the doer of all things. Like I said, pretty blooming amazing!

But I need you to do one more thing for me…
I need you to be present in photos. I need you to be in pictures instead of always being the one taking them.⁣ 📷 I get it, I'm the worst one for hiding behind my camera, but it is so important to be part of your children's memories when they look back in years to come.⁣⁣
They won't care that you didn't have time to do your make up, or that you were having a bad hair day. They won't notice that you were a few pounds heavier than you wanted to be, or hadn't had time to get to the gym for a while. They won't be bothered that your top wasn’t ironed, they won’t spot the huge bags under your eyes 😴
All they will see is you, one of their favourite people in the world, with them. Playing, laughing, cuddling, singing, walking, reading, drawing, running, laying, talking, baking, cycling, splashing.…

Simply there.

So please, please, please get in those photos. Ask your partner to start taking more photos of you with the kids, share this article with your Mums friends and start taking photos of each other while you’re enjoying coffee and play dates.

I’m hugely passionate about this, and my past clients will tell you that I strongly encourage them to be in at least one photo with their little ones during my photography sessions. I simply ask them to look at their baby, and for a moment the pressure is off. Just look at the faces of these beautiful Mamas, do any of them look uncomfortable in front of the camera? They may have initially felt embarrassed, awkward or uncomfortable, but you just can’t help but smile when you look at your baby.

So there you have it. My top tip for getting over nerves in front of the camera, simply look at your baby! They will bring out the most natural, beautiful smile in you - guaranteed.

If you would like a helping hand with capturing some photos of you with your children then do get in touch for a chat about your own baby or family photo shoot.

To prove that I practise what I preach, here is one of me with my brood.
If I can do it then so can you!

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