Newborn Photography in Berkshire (Baby Teddy)

Newborn Photoshoot Woodley

Teddy’s Newborn Photoshoot

This gorgeous little boy was an absolute star for me during his recent newborn photoshoot. As you can probably see from the photos below he very quickly fell asleep (look at those heavy eyes!) just giving me long enough to capture a few awake shots first.
It was a lovely relaxed session involving Teddy, his parents, Grandparents and pet dog in the family home. That might sound like a lot of work, or that it could have been a bit chaotic trying to involve so many people but it was actually one of the calmest newborn sessions that I’ve worked on!

If you’re new to my work, I thought I’d answer a few F.A.Q’s while I’m here.

Does my baby need to be asleep for their photos?

Some babies are asleep when I arrive, in which case I’ll go straight into the sleepy shots. If they’re awake then I absolutely love getting some photos of them with their eyes open as I think they are such different images to the sleeping ones and really show off their little personality. I really do roll with it during newborn photoshoots, following baby’s lead. If they’re awake and happy to be photographed then I’ll go for it, but if they’re already asleep or not happy being away from Mum or Dad then I’ll either get some gorgeous sleeping shots or start with photos with parents/siblings.
There is no set way of doing a newborn session, it really depends on how baby is feeling on the day. This is why I only book one per day so that I’m not rushing to finish by a certain time, I’m able to approach it in a very relaxed way.

Can we include our family pet?

As you can see from Teddy’s images below his fur-brother was involved in his newborn photoshoot. I’m a huge animal lover so am more than happy to include any family dogs/cats/rabbits/tortoises in your photos.

Can we include Grandparents in our baby photoshoot?

As they all live together (perfect for help with night feeds and babysitting duties!) Teddy’s Grandparents also got in on the action. It was a real family affair and a privilege for me to capture three generations, Teddy is very lucky to be surrounded by so much love.

It might not always be relevant to do this, and most of the newborns that I photograph are just with their parents and siblings. A newborn photoshoot can be such a special time, a real milestone for new parents. Inviting extended family members to be involved could potentially take away from the intimate moments they are creating together as a new family unit. Of course each family is different, and for this particular photo shoot it felt right to include Teddy’s lovely Grandparents in his newborn session.

How many photos will I receive?

Below I’ve shared just a few of my favourite images from Teddy’s newborn gallery. I typically deliver around 25-30 images to my clients after a newborn photoshoot, sometimes more. The final number can depend on a few things; how baby is on the day, how many parent/sibling/family shots we get, how many different areas of your home we use. For most newborn sessions we would do all of the family/sibling shots in one place i.e. on the bed, but if there are several areas in your home that you would like included this will make a difference to the number of photos you receive. If the weather is nice we might also try to get some photos outside. Every session is different which is why it is difficult to give an exact number of images to expect.

What did Mum Olivia have to say about her newborn photoshoot?

“Rachel is the loveliest lady you will ever meet! So chilled out and made us all feel really comfortable and relaxed, not only has she got amazing photography skills but she is also absolutely outstanding with babies! She had our little one calm and sleeping ready for the photos in no time! Would 100% recommend this service! So pleased with the outcome of this shoot and will definitely be contacting her again soon for more as he grows. She was even flexible enough to let us include our family dog in some of the photos! Thanks again Rachel :) x”

How do I book a newborn session?

If you’d like to book your own newborn photoshoot then feel free to get in touch for a chat. If you include your due date or age of your baby I can check my availability for you and we can get you booked in.
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Rachel x