What To Wear For Your Outdoor Photoshoot // Autumn Style Guide

Autumn Photoshoot Style Guide

When planning what to wear for your outdoor photoshoot my main piece of advice would be to keep it simple. Nature will be providing us with a beautiful Autumnal backdrop, so something like the suggestions below will help me create some gorgeous outdoor photos for you.

Try to avoid any large logos or patterns, or super bright (neon) colours.

Do dress for the weather. If it’s a bit chilly then make sure that children will be warm enough throughout your session. Grumpy children make my job much harder (emergency snacks are also a good idea for the same reason!)

outdoor photoshoot outfit
what to wear for an outdoor photoshoot

If you’re planning on going shopping for your outdoor photoshoot all of the above are taken from Next and H&M’s Autumn/Winter 2019 collections. Please don’t feel under pressure to buy a whole new wardrobe before your photoshoot. If you do decide to buy some new clothes make sure that you’ll be comfortable in them and that you’ll wear them again afterwards! I’d hate for them to get worn once and then forgotten about.

If you haven’t booked your Autumn mini shoot yet you can find out more here