My Story

I became a Mum in 2011 when my eldest son Billy arrived. We didn't have a lot of spare money at the time, so were unable to invest in professional newborn photographs for either him or our daughter Keira who was born just 13 months later (the close age gap seemed like a good idea at the time!!)

Missing the opportunity to have baby photographs taken of them is something that I regret hugely, and are memories that are sadly now lost forever. 
By the time my youngest son Jack arrived, I was determined not to make the same mistake and decided to search for a photographer to capture those precious early days for us.

Unfortunately I was unable to find a photographer that matched the style of photography that I was looking for. I wanted something authentic and honest that truly showed my baby boy as he really was, and not the prop-filled images that were all over the internet. 

This is when I decided to specialise in natural, authentic, honest newborn photography. Showing babies as they really are on the day; whether that be asleep, awake, crying, sneezing (or worse!) I want to capture memories as they actually happen, giving you a true collection of images from your newborn photography session.

Being a creative at heart, I love to capture moments and tell stories through my photography. Life is all about relationships and I love to capture the small interactions that often go unnoticed between people....
~ The tenderness of a Mother kissing her newborn baby's forehead whilst rocking him to sleep.
~ The look of absolute and utter adoration in the eyes of new parents.

I  offer authentic newborn photography in the comfort of your own home or in my Woodley based studio space.

Older children and family sessions can take place in your home or at a favourite outdoor space. Kids are at their best outside, so let’s grab some bubbles and have some fun exploring the great outdoors.

I don't use props or backdrops in my newborn sessions, instead keeping it simple and honest. Capturing baby's beauty in simplicity, real moments within new families.

Want to find out more?

If you are looking for a photographer with a relaxed shooting style, a sense of humour and a warm heart then get in touch for a cuppa and chat (and more than likely a Jaffa cake or two).

I look forward to hearing from you!